#2080 Growing, productizing and selling a niche agency

Today’s guest did what so many people in my audience hope to do: He grew, productized and sold an agency. I invited him here to find out how he came up with the idea while in law school and the critical thing he learned about his early clients. Andy Cabasso is the founder of JurisPage,Continue reading “#2080 Growing, productizing and selling a niche agency”

#2079 Addressing the European market of Amazon sellers

Joining me is somebody who realized how much of a pain it is to sell on Amazon in Europe. Stef van Boekel is the founder of Marketplace Distri, which provides seller and vendor management for Amazon and B2B E-Commerce marketplaces on a European level. We’re going to find out how you built up this company.Continue reading “#2079 Addressing the European market of Amazon sellers”

#2078 From 0 to 2M followers by teaching online

Joining me is a Mixergy fan who started teaching on YouTube back in 2012. Since then he has grown his audience to over 2 million followers and a $1.8 million dollar business. Stan Prokopenko is the founder of Proko.com which teaches artists how to draw and paint. In this interview I want to find outContinue reading “#2078 From 0 to 2M followers by teaching online”

#2077 Modernizing an out-of-touch industry like insurance

Here’s what I love about today’s guest: He saw how insurance is just terribly outdated. Everything from talking to someone on the phone, to faxing over paperwork, to scanning all the paperwork into my computer to digitize it. But you can’t change such and entrenched, out-of-touch industry overnight. That’s why I’m excited about what today’sContinue reading “#2077 Modernizing an out-of-touch industry like insurance”

#2076 Finding a big audience for a unique solution

When I’m not interviewing entrepreneurs, I run. I can run endlessly. But one of the problems that I have as a runner is nutrition. If I’m in the middle of the run, I have to stop and find some food because I don’t like the gel packs other marathoners use. It’s such a hassle andContinue reading “#2076 Finding a big audience for a unique solution”

#2075 A new spin on journaling

I find that journaling has been better for me than therapy and today I have a founder who noticed the same thing. Meha Agrawal is the founder of Silk + Sonder, a subscription based mental wellness journaling experience for women. My goal for this interview is to understand a little bit about journaling and howContinue reading “#2075 A new spin on journaling”

#2074 New video tools to reach your audience

I do these interviews via video so I’m especially excited about today’s guest because he’s been doing video software for over a decade. Fritz Brumder is the co-founder of Brandlive, a video marketing platform which he exited in 2019. I want to ask him how the brand has iterated over 10 years and about hisContinue reading “#2074 New video tools to reach your audience”

#2072 justreach out

I rarely meet entrepreneurs who are more persistent than today’s guest. Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of JustReachOut, a platform for the DIY PR person who needs additional guidance. He’s just sold the business. I invited him to find out how he found someone to buy JustReachOut, how he structured the sale, and how muchContinue reading “#2072 justreach out”

#2072 $100,000,000+ exit after two years

Joining me is someone whose own mom was disappointed in him. Swapnil Shinde’s mom was an entrepreneur herself and did not want him to quit his job to become an entrepreneur. But he did quit his job and he went on to launch and sell a few companies. We’ll talk about how he did itContinue reading “#2072 $100,000,000+ exit after two years”

#2071 Better task management

Platforms like Slack are so freaking distracting. I think if you’re running your company you need less distraction not more. Well, today’s guest created a more automated task management system and I want to find out how he did it. Max Nalsky is the founder of Pyrus, a team communication tool that helps get thingsContinue reading “#2071 Better task management”

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