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#2238 Seth Godin’s new manifesto

Joining me is Seth Godin, one of the first entrepreneurs I interviewed back in 2008. He is a marketing legend and author of multiple books. He’s coined phrases that have become parlance for startup founders today and he’s back on Mixergy with a forthcoming book about leadership. Some of the concepts are non-obvious but someContinue reading “#2238 Seth Godin’s new manifesto”

#2237 Derek Flanzraich’s big swing

Joining me for a repeat visit is Derek Flanzraich. Last time I talked to him he was running the content site Greatest. Greatest was all about health and Derek became like a guru to my friends who were in the content space. He built it up, he sold it, and I kind of lost trackContinue reading “#2237 Derek Flanzraich’s big swing”

#2236 Running a family-first startup

Joining me is a friend whose businesses I have grown to appreciate so much more over the years. He’s recently written about the experience of building a profitable businesses while prioritizing family. The book is The Family First Entrepreneur. I’ll ask him about that and his businesses in this interview. Steve Chou is an entrepreneurContinue reading “#2236 Running a family-first startup”

#2235 Using AI to “humanize” analytics

When I talk to entrepreneurs, they talk about how they use data but I think for a lot of people, looking at analytics is just not something they want to do. It’s much easier to focus on customer support or new product features. That’s why I’m happy to have today’s guest on the podcast.  AmitContinue reading “#2235 Using AI to “humanize” analytics”

#2234 Reflect: Why the world needs another notes app

I was super excited to talk to today’s guest because he is the founder of Clearbit, a software that would magically take an email address and then tell you about the person behind the email address. I didn’t expect to talk about his new company but shocked to find out how powerful and big it’sContinue reading “#2234 Reflect: Why the world needs another notes app”

#2233 The painful pivots behind the growth of

Joining me is somebody who has pivoted so freaking much that my notes were out of date just after a few months. I admire how he’s been able to adjust and pivot and keep growing his business and today he’s got a success. Shane Kovalsky is the founder of Glue. It is end-to-end employee engagementContinue reading “#2233 The painful pivots behind the growth of”

#2232 Developing a wearable (that could actually help users live longer)

Many of the people who I’ve interviewed were lifelong entrepreneurs. They sold things as kids or had lawn mowing services. But joining me today is someone who went a different path. He’s a scientist who got a great job, made his parents proud, and then decided to become an entrepreneur. He built something that heContinue reading “#2232 Developing a wearable (that could actually help users live longer)”

#2231 How to get recurring revenue from your physical products

If you’re in SaaS, you know that you get revenue on an ongoing basis, which is really nice. But maybe you’ve been afraid to go into physical goods because you don’t get that kind of business model where you have a consistent set of revenue that comes in month after month. Well, joining me isContinue reading “#2231 How to get recurring revenue from your physical products”

#2230 Komodo is taking on Loom

You know how painful it is to watch an explainer video from someone on your remote team? Well, Komodo is making that process a lot easier. I invited the co-founders here to tell me how they bootstrapped it. Today’s guests are Khanan Grauer and Harry Brodsky. Their company is Komodo, a screencasting solution that helpsContinue reading “#2230 Komodo is taking on Loom”

#2229 How Kift capitalized on a social media trend

If you look on Instagram or YouTube or TikTok, you’ll people who are living out of their vans. These vans are usually beautiful and these van-lifers travel the country and live and work wherever they want. But the challenge with vanlife is that it could be pretty lonely. At some point, you do want aContinue reading “#2229 How Kift capitalized on a social media trend”