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How to Make Healthy Habits Stick

It is one thing to know what’s good for you – it’s quite another to actually make those healthy habits stick. Far too often, we have an abstract idea of following some healthy habits, only to them abandon them a few days or weeks after starting. What’s worse, it doesn’t necessarily help to know thatContinue reading “How to Make Healthy Habits Stick”


How to Know You Have a Good Idea for Business

Entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen. However, it takes skill and knowledge to become a successful entrepreneur. There’s no point opening a business that doesn’t generate any returns. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs may jump onto a business idea they’ve had and cling onto it for life. An approach like this is more harmful than beneficial. It paysContinue reading “How to Know You Have a Good Idea for Business”

Tips to Market a Business

No matter how excellent the product/services you offer are, you won’t be able to make any money unless you market your business properly. Sure, you can rely on word-of-mouth advertising from your customers, but this isn’t enough to make your target sales. You need to set aside a separate budget for marketing purposes. Many companiesContinue reading “Tips to Market a Business”

Why Playing a Sport Is the Best Way to Stay Fit

Whether you revel in the artistry of ice skating and gymnastics at the Olympics or get excited about any number of athletic contests, the chances are good that there’s at least one or two sports which excite you. But how often does that excitement turn into actual exercise? For as much as we may loveContinue reading “Why Playing a Sport Is the Best Way to Stay Fit”

Serious Injuries – Breaking bad news – Have you mastered it??

Ever thought you may need specific help to inform injury severity to the athlete? Most physiotherapists in collaboration with their Sports Medicine Physicians discuss the likely scenario’s. Should we be seeking some professional guidance on how best to do this on a case by case basis? The physiotherapist often spend the most one on oneContinue reading “Serious Injuries – Breaking bad news – Have you mastered it??”

Running your way to an injury??

Running is one of the best things we can do for our health. From weight loss and cancer prevention to a boost in mood and self-esteem, there are just so many benefits. It can be hard to find motivation sometimes, but no one ever regrets a run. It has the power to change even the mostContinue reading “Running your way to an injury??”

Sleep your injury away!!

If you want to upgrade your athleticism, decrease your risk of injury, decrease persistent pain, recover faster, boost your immune system, have more energy and perform better, sleep is critical. Appropriate rest can be a catalyst to achieving these results. If you are an athlete, this is a metric you should definitely be tracking toContinue reading “Sleep your injury away!!”

Important Lessons for Business Leaders of All Stripes

Maybe you are a small business leader looking for any advantage possible to get ahead as you try and help yourself and your company breakthrough to the big time. Or, maybe you’ve already made that breakthrough, and are looking to sustain that growth. Perhaps you run a company that’s been on top for decades nowContinue reading “Important Lessons for Business Leaders of All Stripes”

Managing the health of the elite athlete – Ashley Stiven

For many athletes, coaches, clinicians and managers, the integrated and performance-focused approach to elite athlete health and coaching is still a difficult concept. Clinicians are focused on the medical ‘evidence’ and the physical health of the athlete and often want to have the ‘final say’ on these matters. They then tend to overlook the potentialContinue reading “Managing the health of the elite athlete – Ashley Stiven”