#2149 Creating an alternative social network

Today’s guest is up against a daunting task. Mark Weinstein is the creator of MeWe, an alternative social network to Facebook. It’s alternative in many ways. They don’t run ads, they don’t censor, the use no algorithms. I’m curious how he’s getting millions of users. Mark Weinstein is the creator of MeWe, an alternative socialContinue reading “#2149 Creating an alternative social network”

#2148 A special message from me

Watch the FULL program tbd About Andrew Warner This is the latest post from Mixergy Raw transcript Mixergy’s audio transcription is done by Speechpad Come back in a few days to get the full transcript of this program. Sponsored by Walker Corporate Law – Scott Edward Walker is the lawyer entrepreneurs turn to when theyContinue reading “#2148 A special message from me”

#2147 Making the internet safer for kids

Joining me is an entrepreneur who is out to make the internet safer for kids. There are so many brands out there who want to reach a young audience but they have to do it in a safe way. That’s the problem my guest tried to solve and somehow he was able to do itContinue reading “#2147 Making the internet safer for kids”

#2146 Entering a huge market with a differentiator

Today I have a bootstrapper who entered a crowded market but some how he’s making it work. I want to find out how he did it. Michael Martocci is the founder of SwagUp, an API-first platform to create, automate, and distribute high quality branded swag, across all teams and use cases. Michael Martocci is theContinue reading “#2146 Entering a huge market with a differentiator”

#2145 Wil Schroter and I talk about my burnout

I almost cancelled today’s interview with Wil Schroter because on the way to the office I was feeling all the weight of burnout. So instead of talking about Startups.com, the company will built, I’m going to talk to him about this. Wil Schroter is the founder of Startups.com, which offers education, community, and tools toContinue reading “#2145 Wil Schroter and I talk about my burnout”

#2144 Bringing technology to the parking industry

My guest today has been in the parking industry for forty years. Instead of just doing the same thing–which was working–he decided to bring innovation and technology to what he calls a “grudge purchase.” I want to find out how he did it. Jerry Skillett is the founder of SPACES, a contactless parking payments platform.Continue reading “#2144 Bringing technology to the parking industry”

#2143 The software taking the teeth out of manipulative marketing

As someone who loves whiskey, I know that most purchase decisions come down to marketing and how the bottle looks. Well, today’s guest noticed that too–particularly in the wine industry. So she created a solution to demystify taste and help consumers make better choices based on their actual preferences. Katerina Axelsson is the founder ofContinue reading “#2143 The software taking the teeth out of manipulative marketing”

#2142 Solving the customer testimonial problem

Testimonials are a thing that a lot of businesses are looking for. The problem is that most of them are boring, unclear, and unconvincing. Today’s guest is trying to fix that. Sam Shepler is the founder of Testimonial Hero, a B2B customer video company with both on-site videography (zero travel fees globally) and 100% remoteContinue reading “#2142 Solving the customer testimonial problem”

#2141 Productizing personalized growth

Today’s guest is solving a problem that I totally understand. But it’s not an easy problem to address at scale. I want to find out how he’s doing it. Omer Glass is the founder of GrowthSpace, which creates personalized growth programs for your employees. I invited him here to talk about growth space, how wellContinue reading “#2141 Productizing personalized growth”

#2140 Buying and selling online businesses

Joining me is someone who told me this idea they had about buying, building, and selling multiple underdeveloped content side. At the time, I wasn’t sure it was a good idea because it felt like spreading spreading oneself too thin. Turns out I was wrong. Rohit Gandrakota is the founder of Earn with Authority, whichContinue reading “#2140 Buying and selling online businesses”

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