#2212 How to set up a DAO

This interview is unlike my typical Mixergy interview as you’ll hear in this episode. I’m talking to Ben Huh, the founder of Origami, Ben Huh is the founder of Origami, which helps launch and grow DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations, through a combination of software and services. I’ve become fascinated with DAOs and want to learnContinue reading “#2212 How to set up a DAO”

#2211 Crime Scene Cleanup as a business

I was nervous to do today’s interview because my guest today has built an amazing business but it’s the kind of business that typically stays hidden. Laura Spaulding is the founder of Spaulding Decon, a franchised decontamination service to offer crime scene, hoarding and meth-lab cleanup. One of the things I find amazing about herContinue reading “#2211 Crime Scene Cleanup as a business”

#2210 A solution for tracking and managing subscriptions

Joining me is a guy who started out in a small mining town in India with no running water. He ended up with a job at a major American company and still wasn’t satisfied. He said, “I’ve gotta start my own business.” He had a failure and then a success and now he is backContinue reading “#2210 A solution for tracking and managing subscriptions”

#2209 How DocSend sold to Dropbox for $165,000,000

When you hear that today’s guest sold his document sharing startup to Dropbox for $165M you might wonder how someone could be so lucky. Well, as you’ll hear in this interview, it was not an easy journey. Russ Heddleston is the founder of DocSend which was acquired by Dropbox. Russ Heddleston is the founder ofContinue reading “#2209 How DocSend sold to Dropbox for $165,000,000”

#2208 Demystifying selling on Amazon

Tomer Rabinovich is an Amazon seller and author of the new book, Ride the Amazon Wave: The Pro Seller’s Guide to Private Label Success. I want to find out what he’s learned from selling on the platform. Tomer Rabinovich is a top seller on Amazon. Sponsored by Lemon.io – Why squander time and money onContinue reading “#2208 Demystifying selling on Amazon”

#2207 Become an investor with as little as $50K

Imagine you are someone who’s deep into a sector of tech, like maybe you’re the crypto person who really studies this, who understands it has inside access to the founders, or SaaS, or some other sector. And you say, “You know what? I’d like to make an investment in a company that wants me asContinue reading “#2207 Become an investor with as little as $50K”

#2206 Talent.com wants to become the mother of all internet job boards

Lucas Martinez is the founder of Talent, a portal that aggregates both job ads posted directly by recruiters as well as ads from third-party recruitment sites. His goal is to post every job available on the entire Internet and he’s headed toward accomplishing it insanely fast. Find out how in this interview. Lucas Martinez isContinue reading “#2206 Talent.com wants to become the mother of all internet job boards”

#2205 The untold story behind CreativeLive

Most people think about Chase Jarvis when they think about CreativeLive. Well, today I’m talking to the guy behind that guy. His name is Craig Swanson and he co-founder of CreativeLive. I’ll ask him about why he has no ego about not being in the spotlight and why, in his words, he’d rather own the spotlight. CraigContinue reading “#2205 The untold story behind CreativeLive”

#2204 Rent Ready – with Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite is the co-founder of Rent Ready, which was built to eliminate the frustration of getting an apartment home move-in ready. It’s a very simple tool that is very powerful for the right customers. I’ll ask him how he discovered the idea and how he’s grown Rent Ready to over $4MM arr. Jonathan KiteContinue reading “#2204 Rent Ready – with Jonathan Kite”

#2203 How Leon Kuperman built Cast.ai

Joining me is Leon Kuperman from Cast.ai whose goal is to cut your cloud bill in half. I invited him here to talk about how they do it and  also what happened to his eye after he sold his previous company. Leon Kuperman is the founder of Cast.ai, which cuts half of your cloud bill,Continue reading “#2203 How Leon Kuperman built Cast.ai”

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