#2068 How to deal with setbacks

I love when entrepreneurs talk about their biggest failures. To be an entrepreneur you have to be an optimist and I love learning how optimist deal with setbacks. Today’s guest faced several setbacks and we’re going to find out how he recovered. Todd Palmer is the founder of Extraordinary Advisors which helps leaders and entrepreneurs.Continue reading “#2068 How to deal with setbacks”

#2067 Tax credits your startup might be missing

I met Lloyd Lobo five years ago at a dinner  and he seemed like a super confident guy. Everything seemed like it was going his way at that time. It wasn’t until I started reading up on him in preparation for this interview that I realized how much he was struggling with his startup. IContinue reading “#2067 Tax credits your startup might be missing”

#2066 Bootstrapped in a basement; sold for $32,000,000

Today I have a guest who I have been talking to for over 10 years as he bootstrapped his company. Francois Arbour is the founder of PremiumBeat, a curated library of royalty-free music for creative professionals. He sold that company to Shutterstock and has gone on to do many other things. I want to knowContinue reading “#2066 Bootstrapped in a basement; sold for $32,000,000”

#2065 Getting paid top dollar for podcast ads

Joining me is a long-time listener and I’m excited to have him on here. He’s created a solution that helps podcasters get top dollar for their ads. If you are a content creator, you’ll want to hear this interview. If you’re a company trying to figure out where to place your ad spend, you’ll wantContinue reading “#2065 Getting paid top dollar for podcast ads”

#2064 Becoming a technical founder (without a software background)

Joining me is an investment banker who decided he wanted to start a software company. But instead of going online and finding a technical co-founder to do all the work, he spent two years learning how to code. Ryan Coon is the co-founder of Avail, which simplifies property management for independent landlords. In this interviewContinue reading “#2064 Becoming a technical founder (without a software background)”

#2063 Making Community Your Competitive Advantage

Joining me as someone who I had an awkward conversation with about a decade ago. I think he would say the same about that day. He was in his early twenties and didn’t have much to say. Well, 10 years later, he’s written a book and has a successful business. I want to find outContinue reading “#2063 Making Community Your Competitive Advantage”

Embracing New Tech As an Entrepreneur

You probably already know that technology is very important in modern times. Businesses are utilizing technology to provide better service to customers in various ways. You need to embrace new technology as a business owner so that your company can thrive. Read on to learn about why new technology is so important to your businessContinue reading “Embracing New Tech As an Entrepreneur”

Leading Through Uncertain Times

Going through difficult times will be tough no matter what type of person you are. If you’re in a leadership position, then you have to find it within yourself to keep moving forward. If you’re facing uncertain times now and you’re trying to figure out how to lead to the best of your abilities, thenContinue reading “Leading Through Uncertain Times”

Training for a Marathon

So, you have started thinking about running a marathon and now you’re wondering how you can train for it. It’s a test, both emotionally and physically, and it’s something that can have immense positive ramifications in all facets of your life if you let it. Running a marathon is no joke and you understand thatContinue reading “Training for a Marathon”

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