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#2220 Pseudonymity in Web3 explained

Joining me is a person whose real name I don’t even know. He goes by the pseudonym Artorias. He’s not exactly running a company; he’s running a DAO, which means that he and a group of other people got together and they decided to do something that they couldn’t do on their own.   CultContinue reading “#2220 Pseudonymity in Web3 explained”


#2219 How Wavve was built and sold

Today I have a founder who has built and sold two companies, including Wavve, the tool for creators. We’re going to talk about how he did that as well as the company he’s working on now, which was inspired by a problem he encountered while building Wavve. Nick Fogle is the co-founder of Churnkey, retentionContinue reading “#2219 How Wavve was built and sold”

#2218 How Bankless launched their DAO

I’ve got another web3 interview for you today. Today’s guest is Lucas Campbell. He was working at a publishing company called Bankless, which has been evangalizing web3 as the future. Bankless was doing well based–a little over a million a year–for a company of about 5 people. That’s when Lucas had the idea to launchContinue reading “#2218 How Bankless launched their DAO”

#2217 The glamping startup that sold for $100,000,000

My guest today created a company that I’ve watched from a distance. It’s  called Under Canvas and what they do is put up these gorgeous, beautiful tents near national parks that let you be part of nature but without having to go full-blown camping. It was an ecotourism company that was facilitation glamping before glampingContinue reading “#2217 The glamping startup that sold for $100,000,000”

#2216 A look at Web3’s art market

Some of you are going to love what today’s company sells and others are going to not just hate it, but hate me for even talking about it. John Crain is the founder of SuperRare, a marketplace to buy and sell NFTs from the world’s top artists. And still, despite the fact that you couldContinue reading “#2216 A look at Web3’s art market”

#2215 A conversation with Robert LoCascio 10 years later

It’s been 10 years since I interviewed today’s guest. It was an incredibly meaningful and personal conversations so I’m excited to have him back now that he’s running what is now a public company. Robert LoCascio is the founder of LivePerson, which enables meaningful, personalized connections with your customers while delivering real outcomes for yourContinue reading “#2215 A conversation with Robert LoCascio 10 years later”

#2214 The story behind Boomerang

Today I’m talking to the founder of one of the OG email marketing tools, Boomerang. I remember they even created the email game to make getting down to inbox zero fun. They were playing around with this stuff and it was clever. It was ahead of its time and I feel like in many waysContinue reading “#2214 The story behind Boomerang”

#2213 Tackling the issue of subscription churn

Joining me today is someone I’ve really wanted to interview. His name is Baird Hall and the dude is a 4x SaaS founder–all bootstrapped. I invited him here to talk about his latest company Churnkey, which handles subscription business’ retention efforts. Baird Hall is the founder of Churnkey, which handles subscription business’ retention efforts. SponsoredContinue reading “#2213 Tackling the issue of subscription churn”

#2212 How to set up a DAO

This interview is unlike my typical Mixergy interview as you’ll hear in this episode. I’m talking to Ben Huh, the founder of Origami, Ben Huh is the founder of Origami, which helps launch and grow DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations, through a combination of software and services. I’ve become fascinated with DAOs and want to learnContinue reading “#2212 How to set up a DAO”

#2211 Crime Scene Cleanup as a business

I was nervous to do today’s interview because my guest today has built an amazing business but it’s the kind of business that typically stays hidden. Laura Spaulding is the founder of Spaulding Decon, a franchised decontamination service to offer crime scene, hoarding and meth-lab cleanup. One of the things I find amazing about herContinue reading “#2211 Crime Scene Cleanup as a business”