#2097 Helping agencies run profitable projects

When I talked to today’s guest before we got started, he told me about some of the difficulties that he had starting a business. There was one word he used that described how he did it: ambition. We’ll talk about what that means in this interview. Santi Bibiloni is the founder of COR, a projectContinue reading “#2097 Helping agencies run profitable projects”

#2096 Marketing automation explained

Joining me is yet another entrepreneur who got into marketing automation software. I’m going to ask him if thinks someone getting into the space today could still have a viable business. Sean Leonard is the founder of JumpDemand, a customer acquisition automation system. Sean Leonard is the founder of JumpDemand, a customer acquisition automation system.Continue reading “#2096 Marketing automation explained”

#2095 Can automated personalization really work?

Joining me is someone whose software you’ve probably interacted with. Maybe you were frustrated by it. Maybe you admired it. Maybe it was a combination of both. I’m about to take you behind the scenes of the business behind it. Guillaume Moubeche is the co-founder of Lemlist which allows you to personalize cold emails andContinue reading “#2095 Can automated personalization really work?”

#2094 Challenges of category creation

Andy Bilinsky is the co-founder of Lensabl, which offers vision benefit plans and online prescriptions. I want to find out how his time at HauteLook inspired him to launch an eyewear brand and leveraged the growth enabled by flash sale sites. But flash sale sites trended down right as Warby Parker came to the market.Continue reading “#2094 Challenges of category creation”

#2093 A founder’s relationship with debt

For years, I’ve used the software that today’s guest created. A lot of companies claim that they are powered by AI. This company is actually using it. Oli Gardner is the founder of Unbounce, which allows you to create landing pages without coding. Oli Gardner is the founder of Unbounce, which allows you to createContinue reading “#2093 A founder’s relationship with debt”

#2092 8 figures making wedding bands for men

Today I have two guests who have tried for years to solve problems they ran across but they didn’t know how to sell. Well, after going through the wedding ring shopping experience, they found a pain so obvious that they knew it would sell itself. John Ruggiero and Michelle Luchese are the founders of ManlyContinue reading “#2092 8 figures making wedding bands for men”

#2091 SMS marketing for e-commerce

Today’s guest and his co-founder were all rejected from YC with earlier ideas. Eventually they got together and came up with the idea for SMS marketing for Shopify stores. That idea got them into YC and eventually $40m in funding. I want to find out how he did it. Alex Beller is the founder ofContinue reading “#2091 SMS marketing for e-commerce”

#2090 Kayak founder sets sights on solving podcast discovery

Today’s guest sold his company for $2,000,000,000. But he didn’t stop after the exit. He went on to build several other companies including Lola and Moonbeam. I want to find out how he did it. Joining me is Paul English, the founder of Kayak, the online travel agency and metasearch engine. Paul English is theContinue reading “#2090 Kayak founder sets sights on solving podcast discovery”

#2089 Online coding classes for kids

Especially after COVID, people began taking remote learning seriously. Today I invited an entrepreneur who was ahead of this trend. Vivian Shen is the co-founder of Juni Learning, online coding classes for kids. I want to find out about not only the impact of COVID on her business but also the future of online education.Continue reading “#2089 Online coding classes for kids”

#2088 Hiring a remote sales team

I can’t believe that the solution today’s guest came up with didn’t already exist. You can hire a remote developer; you can hire a remote EA; so why couldn’t you hire a remote sales person? Lavie Popack is the founder of Overpass, which allows you to hire and manage a remote sales team. I invitedContinue reading “#2088 Hiring a remote sales team”

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