#2173 The upside of naivety when you have a big idea

When I interviewed the founder of Tradeshift ten years ago, he had a very simple idea: Facebook for businesses. I don’t think even he could have imagined the complex problems he would encounter along the way. Things like global tax compliance, cloud security and enterprise integrations. But he figured it out and today Tradeshift isContinue reading “#2173 The upside of naivety when you have a big idea”

#2172 Bringing tech to hospitality

I’ve been feeling the pain that today’s guest is out to solve. Since moving to Austin, my wife and I still haven’t found a place to buy. So we’ve been jumping from Airbnb to Airbnb and we’re going a little crazy. Well, Luca Zambello found a way to make those check-in processes a little smootherContinue reading “#2172 Bringing tech to hospitality”

#2171 Using entrepreneurship to protest

For years, I thought protesting was a waste of time. To me, the only thing that works is to actually come up with something better. So I’m really excited that today’s guest John Laster, somebody who had been out there protesting and finally said, “You know what? Why are we protesting? Why aren’t we doingContinue reading “#2171 Using entrepreneurship to protest”

#2170 A conversation with Deron Triff of WaitWhat and TED

I want to understand about the business of content creation so invited Deron Triff. Deron ┬áis co-producer of the Masters of Scale podcast. And prior to that, he was on the executive team at TED. He is THE person to talk on this subject. Today Deron is co-founder WaitWhat, a New York based media inventionContinue reading “#2170 A conversation with Deron Triff of WaitWhat and TED”

#2169 How Netflix founder finds inspiring ideas

This is the big question I have for this interview: How do you decide what to do with your life? And I have the perfect guest to guide me through that question. Marc Randolf is the co-founder of Netflix. I want to talk to him about that, and why he’s now in podcasting. Today, MarcContinue reading “#2169 How Netflix founder finds inspiring ideas”

#2168 Songfinch is reinventing music making

Songfinch today: Anyone can have a custom song written for their loved one, client, whoever. Nice business. Growing fast. The future: well, listen to the end. I think you’ll get why this is a much bigger idea. John Williamson is the founder of Songfinch, which creates personalized songs. Sponsored by Gusto – Gusto’s people platformContinue reading “#2168 Songfinch is reinventing music making”

#2167 AMA with employee one at DoorDash

Today Andrew Munday is the founder of Local Kitchens, a micro food hall that lets you mix-and-match your favorite local restaurants in one easy order. He emailed me recently about how he was the first employee at DoorDash and all the things he could talk about from that experience. I’m so excited to have himContinue reading “#2167 AMA with employee one at DoorDash”

#2166 $1M in less than a year

My guest today started a business in January 2021 and has already hit $1M in revenue. But that’s not even the most amazing part. What amazes me is that he did it in a space that I would have thought was too mature for that type of growth. So I invited him here to findContinue reading “#2166 $1M in less than a year”

#2165 Another startup that replaced a spreadsheet

Jason Hirshman is the founder of Uncountable, which helps R and D scientists with comprehensive data management system the whole team can work in. That might sound like a complicated solution but in this interview you’ll find out that he got traction quickly just by taking common Silicon Valley data management into other verticals justContinue reading “#2165 Another startup that replaced a spreadsheet”

#2164 Making product decisions at scale

I remember Noah Kagan telling me that he would get on Skype to get feedback from early customers. That idea stuck with me but even then it didn’t seem scalable. Well, today’s guest agrees with that. So he created a platform that can deliver customers insights at scale. I invited him here to find outContinue reading “#2164 Making product decisions at scale”

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