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#2207 Become an investor with as little as $50K

Imagine you are someone who’s deep into a sector of tech, like maybe you’re the crypto person who really studies this, who understands it has inside access to the founders, or SaaS, or some other sector. And you say, “You know what? I’d like to make an investment in a company that wants me as one of their investors, because they want me to give feedback. But you don’t wanna put in all your money.”
Well, what you could do through VAUBAN is create a Special Purpose Vehicle, go and raise money from others, maybe smaller amounts from other people, put it together with your money, and then invest that in the company or companies that you believe in.
That’s what they do. I want to find out how it’s possible.

Ulric Musset is the founder of VAUBAN, an online platform that makes it easy for you to raise capital from your network to invest in private companies.

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