Tips for Starting a Morning Workout Routine

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Working out first thing in the morning has several benefits. Morning exercise starts your day off in a healthy way and can lead to improved mental health and greater productivity throughout the rest of your day. It also ensures that you get your workouts in each day before you get too busy. 

If you aren’t accustomed to morning workouts, it can take some time to develop the habit. Once you’ve started and formed the habit, soon you won’t even need to think about it. Here are some tips to help you start a new morning workout routine.

1. Prepare the Night Before

If you’re determined to start a morning workout routine, start by setting yourself up for success the night before. Plan what workout you will do and set out your clothes, so you don’t have to make any decisions in the morning. The more convenient you make your morning exercise, the less likely you will be to talk yourself out of it when you wake up.

2. Give Yourself Extra Time 

When planning out your morning workout routine, remember to give yourself extra time. If you plan to do a 45-minute workout, wake up at least an hour earlier than you normally would. The extra time will account for accidental snoozing, and allow you time to finish your workout without rushing through it. 

3. Plan to Overcome Tiredness

Many people set their minds to exercising in the morning, only to talk themselves out of it when they wake up feeling tired. To combat this, you need to plan ahead. Resolve to get out of bed no matter what. Set your alarm clock across the room to force yourself out of bed if you need to. Once you’re out of bed, brush your teeth before you can think about it. You can also set a glass of water beside your bed to drink first thing in the morning, which is usually enough to get you moving. 

4. Get an Accountability Partner

Lastly, to ensure success with your new routine, find yourself an accountability partner. You are much more likely to get yourself out of bed in the morning — regardless of how you feel — if you have someone to be accountable to. Your accountability partner can be a buddy that you meet for a run or to hit the gym. You could also lock arms with an online buddy or group that you can check in with virtually. It doesn’t matter what form your accountability takes, just make sure you have some!

Working out in the morning can be challenging at first, but it’s a habit worth working toward! Set your mind to it and you will soon find that it gets much easier.

Tips for Starting a Morning Workout Routine

Published by Ashley Stiven

Ashley Stiven is a physiotherapist with more than 20 years of experience. He has helped and worked with numerous professional athletes and sports teams.

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