Running your way to an injury??

Running is one of the best things we can do for our health. From weight loss and cancer prevention to a boost in mood and self-esteem, there are just so many benefits. It can be hard to find motivation sometimes, but no one ever regrets a run. It has the power to change even the most negative and down in the dumps mindset and make us feel fit, so strong and confident. And while the list of its health pros is long, it doesn’t mean that there are some common injuries among runners.

People often hear about the dreaded runner’s knee and shin splints. Then there some who experience aches and pains and soreness when running often. And then there are more serious running injuries like sprains, brakes and other issues that keep runner’s sidelined.

While there is a risk of injury depending if a person is new to running or whether they run trails where slips and falls can happen, running is a non-contact sport. 

Many of the injuries caused by running are because of overuse. Luckily, there are prevention tools and strategies runners can take so that they remain in good health.

Published by Ashley Stiven

Ashley Stiven is a physiotherapist with more than 20 years of experience. He has helped and worked with numerous professional athletes and sports teams.

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