Medial Knee Ligament Injury???



Proposed return to sport 4-6 weeks post injury.

All stages of programme are symptom dependant. Progressions made when clinically appropriate.

Training goals- maintain/ return to pre injury body weight with strength/power gains.

Brace: To be used continuously for up to 2 weeks dependant on symptoms


Timeline Rehab Plan
*Control inflammation RICE, NSAIDS
*Use brace as much as possible
*Cardio (brace off) Stationary bike from day 6 (every second day 10-20 mins) Pool program (alternate days walking straight line 15 mins)
*ROM exercises (brace off) Seated flexion / extension (3*15 daily) Wall slides (3*15 daily) Heel slides (1 set * 5 mins daily)     *Strengthening (brace off) Quad setting (2*15 daily)            Straight leg raising (3*10 daily) Hip abduction (3*10 daily)            Standing calf raises (3*10 daily) Standing hamstring curls (3*10 daily)  
*Slowly get out of brace
*Cardio (brace off) Stationary bike (3*20 mins weekly)           Pool program (3*20 mins weekly flutter kick only)
*ROM exercises (brace of Seated flexion / extension (3*15 daily Wall slides (3*15 daily)Heel slides (1 set * 5 mins daily)  *Strengthening (brace off) Single knee bends (3*15 daily)  Partial squats (3*10 daily) Swiss ball hip abduction (3*10 daily)  Standing calf raises with resistance (3*10 daily) Standing hamstring curls with theraband (3*10 daily)  
*Cardio (brace off) Stationary bike (3*20 mins weekly) *Strengthening (brace off)Leg press (3*10 3 times weekly)  Smith squats ¼ ROM (3*10 3 times week) Bridging (3*10 3 times weekly) Leg extension (3*10 3 times weekly)            Hamstring curl machine (3*10 3 times weekly)   *Proprioception Single leg balancing (5mins daily) Single leg balancing on wobble board (5mins daily with support)
*Running Straight line stride outs if painfree ( Physio to programme)    
Week 6 onwards     Full lower body weights (programmed by Physio) Running progressions (programmed by Physio) Cutting/lateral ROM, stepping drills Restricted contact- hit shields/ tackle bags, 1 on 1 controlled tackling, mauling drills, wrestling, etc- see physio/trainer.   Introduction to team training sessions (non contact)- see physiotherapist.

Published by Ashley Stiven

Ashley Stiven is a physiotherapist with more than 20 years of experience. He has helped and worked with numerous professional athletes and sports teams.

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