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Ashley Stiven is a physiotherapist from New Zealand. He has worked within the healthcare and sports medicine industry for over 20 years. Ashley Stiven has worked with many types of clients including professional athletes and sports teams. Check out his blog for more!

  • Managing the health of the elite athlete – Ashley Stiven

    October 16, 2019 by

    For many athletes, coaches, clinicians and managers, the integrated and performance-focused approach to elite athlete health and coaching is still a difficult concept. Clinicians are focused on the medical ‘evidence’ and the physical health of the athlete and often want to have the ‘final say’ on these matters. They then tend to overlook the potential… Read more

  • #2173 The upside of naivety when you have a big idea

    January 17, 2022 by

    When I interviewed the founder of Tradeshift ten years ago, he had a very simple idea: Facebook for businesses. I don’t think even he could have imagined the complex problems he would encounter along the way. Things like global tax compliance, cloud security and enterprise integrations. But he figured it out and today Tradeshift is… Read more

  • #2172 Bringing tech to hospitality

    January 14, 2022 by

    I’ve been feeling the pain that today’s guest is out to solve. Since moving to Austin, my wife and I still haven’t found a place to buy. So we’ve been jumping from Airbnb to Airbnb and we’re going a little crazy. Well, Luca Zambello found a way to make those check-in processes a little smoother… Read more

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